Application for Admissions

Thank you for your interest in Bellesini Academy. We are a tuition-free independent Catholic middle school for low-income families residing in Lawrence. We accept students of all faiths and backgrounds. Our school sets high expectations, has rigorous academic standards, and provides an extended day that includes extracurricular activities as well as a supportive evening study program. We also require all students to attend a four-week summer program to prevent summer learning loss and to help students continue to make academic gains during the summer months. All families are asked to participate in our parent partnership program.

In September 2015, Bellesini expanded and opened a Girls’ School. We are a co-institutional school, meaning that boys and girls attend separate classes in separate wings of our building but have opportunities to work together during enrichment programs.

Admissions requirements:

* Residency: Applicants must live in the City of Lawrence.

* Boys and girls must be entering grade 5, 6, or 7

Admissions procedures:

1. Complete an online application (see link below)

2. Submit the following components:

—>A. 2020 Federal Taxes (first 2 pages)

—>B. Recent utility bill (February, March, or April)

—>C. Copy of your child’s most recent report card

3. Application components may be uploaded through the online application or emailed to

4. Once the application is completed we will schedule an interview via Zoom and each applicant will participate in an online Zoom class.

Application deadline is May 3rd.

If you have questions regarding the school or the application process, please contact the school at 978-989-0004.

To begin the online application, click here.