Bellesini Moves to Online Learning

Click here for a downloadable PDF on how Bellesini has transitioned to online learning.

This past Friday, March 13, 2020, following the lead of Lawrence Public Schools, we chose to close the doors of Bellesini Academy in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). As of Wednesday, March 25, we will be closed through April in accordance with the Massachusetts state order. Although the students and alumni will not be in the building, we have not wavered in our commitment to continue to provide excellent education, programs, and enrichment activities for our community. 

The health and safety of our students and alumni, their families, our faculty, staff, and volunteers is of the utmost importance. In response to the situation, we have crafted plans and discerned what technology and resources we need to best meet our students, alumni, and families where they are at.

  • Our faculty will begin to teach remotely and provide on-going comfort and support to our students starting on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Students will receive instruction in all subjects and follow their regular academic schedule at home using video conferencing and other programs to make sure that they continue to receive the excellent academic instruction that is a hallmark of a Bellesini education. 
  • The new resources we are using for remote academic learning will also enable us to continue some of our after school enrichment activities starting next week. We are in the process of planning activities for our students and alumni including online yoga, dance, fitness, chess tournament, computer programming and more. Even though we are physically apart, we are committed to maintaining the strong sense of community that supports each of our students and alumni. 
  • Bellesini is here for our students, alumni, and their families. We will be holding online parent meetings to provide outreach support, answer questions and connect them with important information and resources to address health concerns and food insecurity. We have created a resource page for our families ( and will continue to provide updates via email and social media.
  • Our alumni staff is committed to supporting our alumni as many transition to online learning. We will also continue supporting alumni through the college admissions process and other support services. Investing in our alumni‚Äôs futures is a big piece of what we do at Bellesini, as such we will offer alumni some fun enrichment programs as well to give them opportunities to stay connected to their home community.

I want to thank our faculty and staff for their commitment to learning and their dedication to the young men and women we serve as we move forward into this new learning environment.

While we are confident we are doing our best in these challenging times, this situation has created obstacles to overcome. We have provided additional tools to our teachers to enable them to teach remotely. Our students have limited technology and equipment that has to be carefully considered, and our families count on us to provide their child with their meals and snacks throughout the day. We are acutely aware of the impact these circumstances will have on some of our most vulnerable neighbors, communities, families, and students. It is with this in mind that we ask you to partner with us in our commitment to continue, now more than ever, to meet these needs.

Donations can be made online:


Or mailed to:
P.O. Box 1021, Lawrence, MA 01842

We are deeply grateful for your consideration during these unsettling times. We would never have been able to provide so many children with brighter futures without your past support. As we look forward, uncertainties abound, but the hope our children deserve remains steadfast. 

Please know you are all in our prayers and that we are always grateful for your continuing support.

Julie DiFilippo
Head of School