Student and Alumni Success

2013-06-19 14.21.55I grew up listening to how important it was to pursue an academic education and how that might influence [one’s] future. However, it was not until I saw the impact Bellesini had on my sons and my family that I had this concept understood. At Bellesini, I learned that we, as parents, have to get involved with our children’s education in order for them to succeed. I saw how my sons have developed a sense for being successful that could only be acquired through discipline and commitment found at Bellesini. If children are the future…let’s pray that programs such as the Bellesini Academy continue!  

Moises C., Bellesini Parent of Bradley ’12, Moises ’13, Yamel ’15.



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Bellesini Academy has done more for me than I could ever repay them for.  They did nothing short of saving my life from becoming nothing more than a statistic.  Thanks to all of the hard work and hours the Bellesini staff has put in with me over the years, I was able to attend St. John’s Prep and Merrimack College with full scholarships. I will be the first of my family to have graduated from a four-year college. I can honestly say without a doubt that I would not be where I am today if I had not attended Bellesini Academy. This school did more than just give me the typical middle school education. They challenged me, helped me enhance my skills and reach my potential, then tested me some more.  I have accomplished so much more than I could have ever expected to as a Hispanic male in Lawrence.  

Jesus C., Bellesini Class of ’05.  After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Merrimack in May of 2013, Jesus began his first full-time job in his field in the IT Department at his high school alma mater, St. John’s Prep.



Eric at GraduationBellesini Academy taught me to seek new opportunities wherever they appear.  Every day that I attend St. John’s Prep, I follow this motto and use it to help me grow into a better-rounded person.  During my freshman year I was able to pilot an airplane three times over Beverly Airport; bringing me closer to my dreams of being an aeronautical designer.  Bellesini Academy is a key component of my high school life because they constantly support my work and encourage me to be more than just an average student.  

Eric E.,  Bellesini Class of ’11.  Eric will graduate from St. John’s Prep in June of 2015.  He received the Brother Stephen and Brother Francis Award, which is given each year to a Saint John’s Prep student in each grade who demonstrates zeal, compassion, humility, trust and simplicity as he commits himself to excellence and falling in love with the service of God as a member of the Prep community. This is named in honor of Brother Stephen Sommers and Brother Francis Xavier Dorndorff, who helped to establish the Xaverian Brothers community in the United States. This is the second year that Eric has received this award. Eric was also a Student Ambassador at St. John’s Multicultural Night this year.


Snapshots of Success