kids in hallway

Bellesini Academy provides a quality scholarship education to students from limited financial means living in Lawrence. The mission of the school is to provide an academically challenging and highly structured environment that develops the potential for each student to succeed in competitive secondary schools and colleges. Bellesini strives to:

1) Identify and admit students of all faiths who demonstrate academic promise and fall below the poverty line;

2) Provide at-risk inner-city students with the advantages enjoyed by suburban students including:

  1. a) challenging academic curriculum taught in small classes by highly qualified teachers,
  2. b) a safe and secure school environment,
  3. c) after-school activities that help students develop non-academic talents and interests,
  4. d) a supervised study environment in which to complete homework, and
  5. e) quality summer programs that help maintain academic gains in a fun, camp-like environment;

3) Instill qualities and values of good citizenship, morality, community service, and civic responsibility;

4) Support and equip our students and alumni to overcome the challenges they face as people of color;

5) Prepare students for success in academically competitive high schools and colleges;

6) Place 100% of graduates in private college preparatory high schools on scholarship; and

7) Support graduates throughout their high school and college careers to ensure their continued success.