Who We Serve

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Bellesini serves 60 boys and 60 girls in grades 5-8. In addition, Bellesini offers support services to over 200 alumni and 60 alumnae. Bellesini admits students of all faiths who reside in Lawrence and qualify for the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program. With an average annual income of just $39,750, Bellesini families fall well below the Lunch Program limit of $57,424 for a family of 5. 84% of Bellesini students are Latino, 6% are Black, 2% Middle Eastern, 6% Asian, and 2% white. 30% of students were born in a foreign country, including the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Peru, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Congo, Brazil, Cambodia, and Lebanon. English is a second language for 85% of our students, and 70% of students live in homes where English is not spoken. 70% of students live in single parent households. The educational background of our parents demonstrates a need to focus on academic readiness and parent education. 40% of Bellesini parents attended school in the United States. 38% have completed high school and 18% have their GED. Just 16% went on to receive some level of post-secondary training.